Who can join?

By virtue of having attended Methodist College, you are already considered to be a member of Methody Collegians.  Anyone who is or was a bona fide former pupil of Methodist College Belfast is most warmly invited to join us online. As well as old boys and old girls, we would also like to invite current or past members of staff to join.

What are the main benefits of joining?

  • Maintain contact with all your old friends
  • Ensure that details about you are accurate, appropriate, comprehensive and completely up to date
  • Keep informed about news, events and issues relating to the school
  • Share your knowledge, skills and advice with current and future generations of Methody pupils seeking university information, career guidance or work experience
  • Benefit from an expansive network of professional and business contacts with whom you share a common school heritage

What does it cost?

Subscription is £15 annually and this goes towards supporting activities and administration costs.
You can download a membership form here to apply by post.