The School Song

Latin words by Professor R.M. Henry; Music by F.H. Sawyer

Latin English
1. (Solo) Omnes condiscipulos
confidenter oro,
celebrent Collegium
carmine canoro;
optimum pulcherrimum
ludum qui habemus,
hilari, laetissimo
cantu celebremus.
2. (Omnes) Situs in monticulo
callide delectus,
omnibus rivalibus
Invide conspectus,
omnibus fautoribus
solitus amari,
prohibet scientiae
lumen occultari.
3. (Omnes) Floreat Ultonia,
floreant Hiberni;
floreat Collegium
nominis aeterni.
Dumque cum laboribus
vitae concertamus,
semper in memoria
ludum habeamus.
1. (Solo) Confidently now I beg
scholars here before us,
celebrate our College with
tuneful praise and chorus;
best and fairest M.C.B.
honours still await thee:
now with joyful mirth and song
let us celebrate thee.
2. (All) Pile of beauty, fitly placed
on a site commanding,
thou, on whom thy rivals gaze
envious of thy standing,
whom thy sons regard with love,
fealty and affiance,
thou dost radiate afar
culture, art and science.
3. (All) Let our Ulster flourish well,
all the Irish flourish;
flourish our most famous school
which the arts doth nourish.
While we fight together the
toils of life that claim us,
let us ever keep in mind
Methody the famous.


Notable Methody Collegians

Name Career
Ernest Walton Scientist, winner of Nobel Prize in Physics, renowned for splitting the atom
John Hewitt Poet and socialist
John Herivel Scientist and World War Two codebreaker at Bletchley Park
Bertha McDougall OBE Interim Commissioner for Victims and Survivors of the Troubles
Robin, Baron Eames of Armagh Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh (1986–2006), Bishop of Down and Dromore (1980–1986), Bishop of Derry and Raphoe OM
Sir Desmond Rea Chair of the Northern Ireland Policing Board
Alan Green Broadcaster, BBC Radio 5 Live Football commentator
Sammy Wilson Northern Ireland Minister for Finance (2009-), Minister of the Environment (2008–2009), Democratic Unionist Party MP for East Antrim (2005-), DUP Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for East Antrim (2003-) and East Belfast (1998–2003)
Julian Simmons Local celebrity and UTV continuity announcer
Chris Barrie Actor and Comedian
Barry Douglas Concert Pianist
Caron Keating Television presenter
Ian Paisley Jr Politician, Junior Minister in the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Democratic Unionist Party MP for North Antrim (2010-) and Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for North Antrim (1998–2010)
Carl Dinnen ITN news broadcaster and journalist
Niall Malone Ireland and Leicester Tigers rugby player
Stephen Watson BBC sports presenter
Jeremy Davidson Ireland, British and Irish Lions, Ulster and London Irish Rugby Player
Jenny McDonough International hockey player (Captain: 2009)
Paul Marshall Ulster rugby player
Gary Wilson Ulster and Ireland International Cricket Player